A Letter From The Founder

Hi there, I’m Jennifer, the founder of Capturing Heart and I am also the photographer behind lens. Capturing Heart came into existence after eleven years of operating under the name of Jennifer Daigle Photography. In September of 2018 I found myself inspired in a way I have never experienced before, I had just returned home from a business trip to NY where I reunited with a dear friend who reignited a dream within my heart to give back to others in need. He so beautifully lived out the phrase, it is better to give than to receive, and after witnessing his efforts of giving to others, specifically children, my eyes were opened to the fact that I could be doing so much more. Capturing Heart offers photography services, but in efforts to give back, ten percent of every purchase is donated to a charity or cause that speaks to my heart. Each and every session booked with Capturing Heart gives back and I find it pretty cool that each client I work with will have the ability to impact someones family, while preserving the memories of their own. This blog will be dedicated to telling the stories of the charities that Capturing Heart will be supporting, and the people who run them, as well as the clients that I am blessed to work with. My hope and dream is to create awareness around how each and every person can do more to give back, whether that’s through their time, resources, or through spreading the word. I’m excited and humbled to share these incredible stories with you, stories of ordinary people, full of heart, that simply make extraordinary decisions.

All Heart,





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