Jennifer’s work exemplifies
versatility and adaptability.

Her broad range of experience and expertise with natural light enables her to create beautiful imagery in nearly any setting. With a passion for telling stories and preserving memories, she bears a strong sense of responsibility with each and every project. She carries herself with a contagious joy and peace while she naturally guides and charms each and every client into a relaxed and happy place, it’s impossible to not love working with her.

the artist

I am in love with love and with life. I swoon over the romanticism of a new day and the joy each morning brings. Life is meant to be lived, each moment meant to be cherished. My soul craves connection, laughter, and a deep sense of significance. I live each day with the intention of becoming a better version of myself, honing my crafts, and dreaming of the wonderful people I am yet to meet and the incredible stories I will be able to tell throughout my lifetime.

— jennifer daigle


seize the moment

the press

01.   glitter guide


02.   popsugar


03.   voyage la

capture a time in your life


Based in Los Angeles. Available for booking.
Contact for inquiries, press, collaborations or more: [email protected]